More On Color


I have been wanting to come back to this topic for a while now, but since my first go-round with it cost me a couple virtual relationships and apparently painted me as a closet racist, I have been shy to return to it. Halfway through the school year, the fifth graders completed a huge project for their Heritage Day celebration. Each child had to choose a country that had something to do with Continue Reading

Parenting Tragedies


Every so often I am reminded of how easy it is to completely screw up as a parent, and that some of those mistakes could last forever. I love fireworks. Not the noisy firecrackers, M80s or quarter sticks of my childhood that were used to blow up helpless frogs or kill piles of bullhead in the pond in one single boom, but rather the ones that fizzle and spit arcs of sparkling colors through the Continue Reading

Kimani’s Birth Story

Pics from 08 980

On the afternoon of June 25, 2008, I left work early because the familiar cramping in my lower abdomen told me that the baby was coming. Since the baby was 16 days early and my third child, I was woefully unprepared and had to stop by the wholesale club to get diapers on my way home. Apparently I am not much of a nester. Once I got home, I took a shower and did my last minute pretty-it-up down Continue Reading

Coming to Terms with Disability in my Life


That is this week's blog hop prompt. Disability in my life. I guess I don't think much about my children being disabled. They can run. They can laugh. They can eat, and poop. They can sing and dance. They can fight, whine, and pout. They can swing and splash and ride their little trikes. For the most part they can even communicate fairly well, if you count Kimani throwing her highchair tray at Continue Reading

Should I Tell His Mother?

As you know, the school wants us to change Masha's placement for first grade. They want us to agree to remove her from General Education and place her in a self-contained classroom in a different school in our district. They promise to let her spend half her day in a Gen Ed classroom over there, but so far they have been unable to put on paper what that might look like. Today I visited the Continue Reading