Should I Tell His Mother?

As you know, the school wants us to change Masha’s placement for first grade. They want us to agree to remove her from General Education and place her in a self-contained classroom in a different school in our district. They promise to let her spend half her day in a Gen Ed classroom over there, […]

Costa Rica – The Videos

Here are a few video highlights of our trip to the southern tip of the Nicoya peninsula in Costa Rica. My youngest son, Jade, wants very much to visit the ocean. Where he got this desire from and why, I have no idea but one day in the car he told me it was his […]

Dear Mom

It’s Mother’s Day and since you told me not to buy you anything, your gift is this post. Thank you for letting us make chocolate chip cookies even when you knew he would be mad if he caught us. Thank you for laughing when she dropped the egg on the floor instead of in the […]

Miserable Me

Growing up my mom always said to me, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” Advice, that if I follow, means this blog sits quietly for weeks sometimes. I am miserable. I am the most miserable I have ever been in my life, except for maybe when I was a young […]

Early Retirement for Me

Science lesson at Mama's home school.

There will be no more cool science lessons in the kitchen sink. From now on, playing in the sink will be just for fun. As of this morning I have officially retired as Kimani’s Kindergarten teacher. Today was her first day of school at school, and both of us ended up bawling. First off, let […]