More On Color


I have been wanting to come back to this topic for a while now, but since my first go-round with it cost me a couple virtual relationships and apparently painted me as a closet racist, I have been shy to return to it. Halfway through the school year, the fifth graders completed a huge project […]

Parenting Tragedies


Every so often I am reminded of how easy it is to completely screw up as a parent, and that some of those mistakes could last forever. I love fireworks. Not the noisy firecrackers, M80s or quarter sticks of my childhood that were used to blow up helpless frogs or kill piles of bullhead in […]

Kimani and Masha’s IEP Meetings — The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

We just got back from our amazing vacation in Costa Rica, and that is what I wish I was writing about this morning but instead I am already fully immersed in the stresses of our daily life. Yesterday we had back-to-back IEP meetings for Kimani and Masha. We walked out of both meetings feeling unsure […]

The Latest Birthday Party Trend


With five elementary school-aged children, we go to a ton of kiddie birthday parties. It is usually pretty painful for whichever one of us ends up with the short stick and has to chaperon our over-excited child. But, it always seems to turn out great for the kids, so we keep doing it. In the […]