You Can Take the Girl Out of Ukraine


But can you take the Ukraine out of the girl? The other day I took Masha to her follow-up eyedoctor appointment. It was hot out, really really hot out. When we returned to the van afterward and the side door slid open, virtual flames poofed out at us. Masha said, “hot” and I agreed. In […]

Then and Now


Remember baby Peach? My how she has changed. She has grown from a tiny 10 month old pile of mush into an adorable toddler… who has a bold side. She is walking and talking (and signing). Ask her almost any question and she will answer you with a “Yah.” If I had time, I’d make […]

Piano Lessons?


At least once a day I am summoned to the living room by Jade screaming at the top of his lungs, “I. can’t. hear. the. T.V.!” Usually it is Masha or Autumn putting on a lovely and loud piano concerto. But today I had to laugh, and run for the camera because it was Masha […]

Just One of the Boys


I used to think how lucky Masha is that she has two big brothers to protect her… Now I think how lucky they will be to have her as a backup

Pictures as Promised


Masha’s First Year of Pre-K Graduation Kimani “reading” to Autumn Masha at soccer practice Masha’s twins Autumn turns two Double cold at the soccer tournament Masha feeding the goats The apple picking field trip Upsidedown Autumn The daddy train Making gingerbread houses Autumn playing piano Princess Autumn blowing kisses to her fans Now children, please […]