Kimani and Masha’s IEP Meetings — The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

We just got back from our amazing vacation in Costa Rica, and that is what I wish I was writing about this morning but instead I am already fully immersed in the stresses of our daily life. Yesterday we had back-to-back IEP meetings for Kimani and Masha. We walked out of both meetings feeling unsure […]

Happy Birthday Masha


Masha turned seven yesterday, and let me tell you, that girl knows how to celebrate herself. First thing in the morning I reminded her that it was her birthday and she immediately sang happy birthday to Masha. When her song was done she said, “Party?” All day at school she wore a birthday crown. Her […]

Testing Masha—Why the Results Matter


Masha will be seven next month. She is in Kindergarten for the second time now. They tell me she is doing much better than last year. She knows the routines, participates in the activities, plays nicely alongside her peers even sharing toys, and is generally a pleasure to have in class. The thing is, she […]

Still Here, Still Cute as Ever


I hate it when I go out to the RR Already Home page and click the blog links to check on the babies I advocated for, donated to, and generally fell head over heels for, and they are gone. The last post is from forever ago and I have no idea how those children are […]