Today’s the Day I Tell the Kids


It’s World Down syndrome day, and today I am visiting Masha’s classroom with a bunch of Munchkin donuts and a lesson about Down syndrome. I get to explain to 22 Kindergarten children what Masha has. I’ve got a plan, and I am pretty good at making stuff up on the fly for little kids, so […]

Testing Masha—Why the Results Matter


Masha will be seven next month. She is in Kindergarten for the second time now. They tell me she is doing much better than last year. She knows the routines, participates in the activities, plays nicely alongside her peers even sharing toys, and is generally a pleasure to have in class. The thing is, she […]

Appropriate Post-Rape Behavior—A New IEP Goal


In 2010, William Jeffrey Dumas was arrested for allegedly raping and sodomizing a 24 year old woman with Down Syndrome. The case went to court in October 2012, and Dumas was found guilty and sentenced to 25 years in prison. Last month, Appellate Judge Christopher McFadden overturned the jury’s verdict and granted a request for […]