Shake It Off

My girls love Taylor Swift and Shake It Off is pretty much their theme song. A couple times a week I am privy to their dancing on our kitchen table to it, and I find myself wishing you all could see how adorable they are. Well, now ya can. Masha and Autumn attend summer camp […]

Kimani and Masha’s IEP Meetings — The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

We just got back from our amazing vacation in Costa Rica, and that is what I wish I was writing about this morning but instead I am already fully immersed in the stresses of our daily life. Yesterday we had back-to-back IEP meetings for Kimani and Masha. We walked out of both meetings feeling unsure […]

Are You DS-Connect ‘ed?


In September of 2013, the National Institutes of Health Down Syndrome Consortium released the Down Syndrome Registry called DS-Connect. From the horse’s mouth, this project “will allow people with Down syndrome and their family members, researchers, and parent and support groups to share information and health history in a safe, confidential, online database.” It is […]