The Garden


I’ve tried this before, years ago, out back. The results were less than stellar. After a few years of battling deer, other critters, lack of sun, and too much rain, we gave up the idea of a vegetable garden. Then, last summer, my mom brought me some strawberry plants. I absentmindedly let them languish for […]

Costa Rica – The Videos

Here are a few video highlights of our trip to the southern tip of the Nicoya peninsula in Costa Rica. My youngest son, Jade, wants very much to visit the ocean. Where he got this desire from and why, I have no idea but one day in the car he told me it was his […]

Kimani and Masha’s IEP Meetings — The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

We just got back from our amazing vacation in Costa Rica, and that is what I wish I was writing about this morning but instead I am already fully immersed in the stresses of our daily life. Yesterday we had back-to-back IEP meetings for Kimani and Masha. We walked out of both meetings feeling unsure […]