Shake It Off

My girls love Taylor Swift and Shake It Off is pretty much their theme song. A couple times a week I am privy to their dancing on our kitchen table to it, and I find myself wishing you all could see how adorable they are.

Well, now ya can. Masha and Autumn attend summer camp and after every two week session there is a camp show. This time they had the girls’ camp group do an unscripted dance to Shake It Off. I take no credit for teaching Masha how to twerk… trust me, my husband wishes I was doing that on the kitchen table… but I’m not. I swear it, I am not.


    • Bz says

      What amazing rhythm!!!!
      Music certainly runs in the family.
      Thanks so much for sharing.
      Trust all is well.
      Remember you’re always welcome to come visit here in beautiful sunny Texas.

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